Meet Coach K.

Kamell Reckley, is a master fitness trainer of over a decade specializing in Performance Nutrition, Athletic Enhancement, Weight Management and Post Rehabilitation. Originally from New York, Kamell traveled along the east coast at a young age beginning his career in professional baseball. He has been involved with sports and fitness ever since.

After ending his baseball career early, due to injury he discovered his true love for fitness. At age 25, he started his own fitness training business in Long Island, NY called Maximum Personal Fitness where he has trained professional athletes, fitness models, adults and children assisting in the improvement of their health, physique and overall lifestyle.

While continuing to train clients, Kamell then signed a professional Sports and Fitness Modeling contract, which has given him a whole new perspective in the fitness industry. Due to the wonderful experiences he encountered working for Nike, The Vitamin Shoppe, Riddell Sports and even with Madonna, he has become well aware of the demand in health and fitness. Kamell quickly learned sports and fitness modeling is not only about selling products, it is also about motivating others to engage in physical activity and encouraging people to make better nutritional decisions that will lead to a healthier America.

During his first year in modeling and as a father, he noticed that most advertising campaigns are geared mainly toward young active adults and not kids or families. With the inspiration from his son, Shawn, Kamell created Maximum Fit Club. The game is a perfect example that fitness can be educational as well as fun and entertaining, all while helping to reduce the rate of obesity in adults and children starting in the schools and in the homes of Americans. As his contribution to combat American Obesity, he has also authored Maximum Fit Guide to help individuals achieve their goals and find their path to healthy living.

Kamell decided to team up with Friends of Karen to assist in saving lives. MFC conducts fitness fundraising events for the foundation as well as donates a portion of the proceeds from all products and services sold to schools, organizations and consumers. We thank you in advance for your purchase and for your support in saving lives.

Coach Christina

Christina Nicolosi is a NASM certified fitness trainer specializing in kids fitness and nutrition. She is currently active in fighting the epidemic of childhood obesity.

As a busy mom of three, Maximum Fit Club has been the perfect balance to her lifestyle. She is able to spend more time with her children as well as include them in all MFC events. "My children have been my number one inspiration for making Maximum Fit Club and now I love the fact that they can be an inspiration to children their age.".

Coach Christina left her 20 year career as a hairdresser to be the inspiration children need today to live a healthier life tomorrow. The hairdressing industry is about making people feel good about themselves inside and out. To be in a position to motivate and educate children and adults in the fitness industry is a true blessing.

Christina understands the importance of teaching children to make the right food choices as well as keeping active in a world where children are dominated by electronics and junk food.

Coach Diane

Diane Springer is a NASM certified personal trainer, specializing in youth fitness. She understands that good health is the foundation and beginning to a great start in life and attaining success. Statistics show that active kids have higher self esteem, better academics and an overall feeling of accomplishment.

Maximum Fit Club is the perfect fit that allows her to assist children in just that way. Fighting childhood obesity is also the reason she began to specialize in youth fitness. "If we can teach them now through activity and good nutrition, the long term benefits are well worth it and last well into adulthood".

The kids love Coach Diane and always enjoy working with her. The busy mom of 3 has worked at Verizon for 26 years and is passionate about her faith and family. In her free time she loves to workout and has found a new love to add to her workout regimen, sprinting.

"Believe, set the vision and achieve it"